Butts Commercial Brokers (Founded in 1978) is owned by International Corporate Services, Inc., a Maine C-Corporation, located at 1265 Roosevelt Trail, Raymond, Maine 04071. Butts Commercial Brokers is also affiliated with ICS Butts Financial Group (Founded in 1979), which does Mergers, Acquisitions, Business Sales and Financial Consulting and has World Wide Contacts.


Your Property will be targeted through Direct Mail to companies, investment groups, development companies and individuals, that we feel are candidates for your property.


Personal cold calls are one of the best methods of finding suitable clients for your property. We will cold call clients we feel are candidates for your property, by telephone and personal visits.


A Double sign showing your space is available will be placed on in front of the property, giving your property daily exposure.


Butts Commercial Brokers has over 32 years experience in Commercial Real Estate in the Lake Region Area and State of Maine and has represented and completed transactions with well know companies, banks, institutions and municipalities such as: Hewlett Packard, World Wide Wolverine, RJR Nabisco, Fleet Bank, Key Bank, Siemens Energy and Automation, City Of Lewiston, Bates Mill, Steego Auto Parts, Theater Development Corporation, State Farm Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Cheverie & Company Merchant Bankers, Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, St. Joseph’s College, Nissen’s Baking Company, as well as many local companies and individuals. We receive many referrals, from past clients, banks, Municipalities and law and accounting firms.


Will be through appropriate newspapers and periodicals, Internet, Chamber of Commerce, Web Site, City Feet.Com, Craig’s List, Loop Net and various directories.


We will contact Economic Development Managers and departments of the surrounding towns and municipalities and give them a PROPERTY REVIEW SHEET of your property, for new prospective users and buyers, coming into this location.